Wet Brush Hair Brush


  • $9.99



Brush your wet hair anywhere easily with the Dazzlers Brush Electro Pink from Wet Brush. The Wet Brush set out on a mission to conquer the horrible issue of detangling hair without the tears or damage. They created a unique brush with IntelliFlex bristles that effortlessly run through hair and detangles wet or dry hair without pulling or tugging.
My daughter has very fine hair and it's curly so it has always been hard to brush her hair. On top of that she has a sensitive scalp so it hurts to brush. she had a brush before like this but it got squished repeatedly by her brother and the bristles bent. That one worked ok after that but not great so we ordered this one. This one seems different than the first one we bought - I don't think the other one was "Pro" Boy I wish I would have bought this long ago instead of putting up with the bent bristle. Hair brushing is done more quickly and less tears or complaining which makes me happy. I highly recommend this brush.